Leicester Tapas Trail: American special at Firebug

We joined some friends on the Leicester Tapas Trail this weekend and popped in to a couple of venues to sample their £3 dish and drink deliciousness. Firebug have upped the ante on their offer now, giving you the choice of a mini beef or chicken burger along with a spirit and mixer – a choice of JD, Bacardi or an Absolute of your own flavour preference. 

We all took the opportunity to have a JD and sat in the garden enjoying the last of the day’s sunshine as night fell. The chicken burger was great and our wedges were perfectly crisp on the outside and soft on the inside. 

We had Swiss blogger Patrick from Laptopien along for the ride with us. I hope there couldn’t be a better way to try Leicester hospitality and the great food and drink on offer in our city.

Happily, I can also announce that the Turkey Cafe will be joining the Tapas Trail tomorrow. There are rumours that they may be offering their now legendary Garbage Fries – see me ranting about how great they are in my review here.

So now we have 11 city centre venues, all offering a dish and a drink for £3. How much more can we pack in to the remaining three weeks of the Leicester Tapas Trail? Well, I have quite a lot of people to see after work this week, so I reckon we can probably squeeze a few dishes in during that time!

For full details of the Tapas Trail including participating venues, just head along to the main Tapas Trail webpage here. There are no sign ups, no vouchers, no worries – just drop in to any of the venues and ask about their Tapas Trail offer.

Edit: 04/10/15

Firebug have added more options to their Tapas Trail delights! Now as well as the veggie chilli you can also get beef chilli – this has been my personal favourite at Firebug for many a long year now! Only 2 weeks left to enjoy this great offer, so don’t delay!


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