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Back to the Beer Garden

Lockdown restrictions have eased today and Leicester has been blessed with sun on our local beer garden when a lot of the country has had snow! We hit the pub...

International Women's Day Beer

International Women’s Day Beer

Brewing International Women’s Day beer has become a well established tradition thanks to the likes of Project Venus and the IWD Collaboration Brew Day. This year there was also a...

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The Beer Garden Directory

I’ve been checking in with some of my favourite pubs, so you know what their beer garden status is ready for April 12th. Where possible I’ve asked about hours and...

beer at King Richard pub

Online Book Launch

Considering my book launch has taken place after a full year of lockdown, it’s been a hectic old time. From my virtual command centre I organised a very special event...

Playmobil 123 review

Playmobil 123: Aqua Duck Family

Playmobil 123 supports three stages of development in younger children. Suitable from 18 months, stage 1 is for simple touching, recognising and naming. This can later be augmented with stage... coconut flower beer

Beer for Women

There was a collective rolling of eyes as a new ‘Beer for Women’ surfaced on social media this week. I decided to leave well alone except for pointing out ‘this...

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