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Laura Hadland, the UK beer writer, sits at a table in a pub holding a pint of pale ale.

Laura Hadland is a food & drink writer and Creative Director of Thirst Media. She has written about beer, wine, alcohol free and food for a range of publications. Spot her work in The Telegraph, Pellicle magazine, Reader’s Digest and Glug magazine. Her work has been recognised with a number of awards, including Best Beer Book in the World for ’50 Years of CAMRA’ at the Gourmand Awards.

Beer Writer

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Since the release of my first book, 50 Years of CAMRA, I have been busy writing even more about beer, wine, pubs and food! Find my writing portfolio on MuckRack.

Laura Hadland

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Why is this blog called Extreme Housewifery?

Many people have asked me this over the years and I have tried to answer in a number of ways. But ultimately it boils down to “Why not”? My first Gmail account had a user name that referenced an old BBC series called ‘I am not an animal’. This is an excellent and hilarious series that I am happy to loan to you on DVD if you are unfamiliar with it.

Laura Hadland: Makes no sense

Part of the schtick was a muscle-bound animal rights activist, who was chastised by the talking animals… You probably have to watch it… “Alright Ray Mears Extreme Survival!” So originally the blog was called Ray Mears Extreme Housewifery. Then I dropped the Ray Mears, because I realised I wasn’t really sure whether it was ecumenically permissible to take the name of Mr Mears in vain. Then I stuck my own name on the front instead, because for better or for worse, that’s what I got called. And the rest is history, present and undoubtedly future as well.

It doesn’t really make any sense, or mean anything. But it worked well when I broke the Guinness World Record for the Biggest Toast Mosaic.

In 2018 to celebrate its 10th birthday, I finally bought the blog its own domain. Probably should have done that straight away, my domain authority would be through the roof. But who cares?

In 2023, on the 15th anniversary, I updated the logo and gave the theme a little modernisation. But Extreme Housewifery still remains unspoiled by progress.