Laura Hadland CAMRA interview

Internet Chats and Community Radio

CAMRA Biography: Well things are really hotting up with just a month to go until my book is released. I have been doing a huge number of interviews for radio...

Egyptian brewery

Why is there a brewery in the desert?

Egyptian brewery: There is always a lot of excitement when an ancient brewing story makes the papers. The national press love talking about our ancestors making booze. Today the papers...

50 Years of CAMRA by Laura Hadland

50 Years of CAMRA

Unbelievably my book, 50 Years of CAMRA, is now available for pre-ordering from the CAMRA website. It will be released on the actual day of CAMRA’s 50th anniversary – 16th...

dark chocolate cox & co

Lockdown Treats: Chocaletta

Getting delicious things delivered to your door has to be the best way to stay sane during lockdown. I’ve written about Noni’s Family Kitchen handmade scotch eggs plenty of times...

Tiny Rebel boycott

Tiny Rebel? Not any more thanks

Tiny Rebel Sexism: It feels like we have made great headway tackling misogyny, sexism and general discrimination within the beer and pub industry as a whole in recent years. But...

The Tree Leicester

Hospitality UK: A Year in Review

Coronavirus has brought hospitality and events to their knees this year. Enforced closures and paltry support abounds. We look to 2021 we look through a glass darkly for the future...

Playmobil 123 Aqua Duck Family Treading Grapes