50 Years of CAMRA by Laura Hadland

50 Years of CAMRA

Unbelievably my book, 50 Years of CAMRA, is now available for pre-ordering from the CAMRA website. It will be released on the actual day of CAMRA’s 50th anniversary – 16th...

Tiny Rebel boycott

Tiny Rebel? Not any more thanks

Tiny Rebel Sexism: It feels like we have made great headway tackling misogyny, sexism and general discrimination within the beer and pub industry as a whole in recent years. But...

The Tree Leicester

Hospitality UK: A Year in Review

Coronavirus has brought hospitality and events to their knees this year. Enforced closures and paltry support abounds. We look to 2021 we look through a glass darkly for the future...

Pubs Matter


Over the last few days people have been taking to social media to tell the world why #PubsMatter to them. The industry continues to suffer and die under the impossible...

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