Libertine Burger

One of the highlights of the Big Feastival was a visit to the Libertine Burger truck. They were new to me, as their branches are in Rugby and Leamington Spa. Neither are places I know well. But happily they have a big truck (cue the Coal Chamber) and rock up to festivals so I got to sample their tasty burgers regardless.

My, that IS a tasty burger

Fellow Guild of Food Writers member and PR extraordinaire Ellen Manning introduced us and we bagged some lunch. Vital in a day of serious Freedom Brewery beer sampling. They make burgers using Aberdeenshire beef, dry aged and organic. The patties are made with their own blend of flank, chuck and brisket, giving you a most excellent blend of fat, texture and flavour. Plus the most adorable crispy bits on the outside where the burger hits the grill. Sensational.

They had a festival special laden with pulled pork and red onion which it would have been churlish not to try. It came in one of those glistening brioche buns that are so full of butter, they stick to your fingers. Well known as possibly the best burger vehicle (don’t @ me), the heavy texture of brioche is about the only thing badass enough to withhold a sensory onslaught of juicy, juicy burger and toppings.

A bit on the side

But juice will still run down your arm, and dribble along your chin. And isn’t that the best bit? As if that weren’t enough we had some epic fries. Cheese fries with a simple American cheese sauce, and dirty fries with extra bacon bits and dirty mayo. I’ll be honest, I’m not entirely clear what was going on with the mayo, but it tasted nice – so who cares?

Perfect festival food, and a lovely team full of smiles adding to the carnival atmosphere. I could not ask for more. Except perhaps for another one.

Our meal was gifted by Libertine Burger, but I still managed to make up my own mind about whether I enjoyed eating it or not, thanks for asking. It would taste good at full price, or twice the price if I’m honest. Apologies to the delightful Laura for making her the featured face of this post.


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