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Somehow more than a year has flown by since I last visited Charnia Kitchen in Quorn. My last Ladies That Lunch appointment as a Leicestershire resident, it remains a fine choice of venue. Colourful and quirky, relaxed and full of warmth. The menu is freshly prepared and has a sharp focus on local sourcing where possible.

We visited with the magical Liz Robson of Rothley Wine, The absence of her wines from Charnia’s wine list is the only real criticism I have of the place. Rather than the lunch set menu, we ordered a la carte. Liz took the scallops special, a stunningly presented dish, and I tucked into a beast of a burger. (I was very hungry, packing and preparing to move house the next day).

Charnia Kitchen

Quorn Lunch Menu

Everything was cooked just right. Juicy burger patties shrouded in melted cheese. Texture from a rasher of bacon and crisp salad accompaniments. The main salad side was fresh and vibrant, with just the right amount of balsamic dressing. And absolutely textbook fries, crispy and naughty in equal measure.

As usual, the service was exquisite. Light touch, but attentive and inclusive, the staff quietly did as much as they could to make our experience an enjoyable one. I compared a couple of wines from the list before settling on a deliciously aromatic sauvignon blanc. I’ll be honest, I forget the details because it was nearly two weeks ago, and a lot has happened since then. Bam Bam was also well taken care of with a large kids menu and happily ensconced in a high chair. Her dish had a lovely portion of fresh seasonal vegetables with it, which she loved. I’ll be honest, the portion would have done a 12-year-old quite happily, but she made a good go of it.

Room for Pudding?

It would have been rude not to have a pudding. I went for the vanilla apple pie from the specials menu. Again, it was just so. A perfect slice of homemade perfection after a heavy main. Well, probably slightly more than just enough, because Bammers managed to find room in her second dessert stomach to help me out with it.

I really feel that Charnia Kitchen sometimes gets a little overlooked more widely. The price point is surprisingly low given the quality. Expect to pay roughly the same as you would in any chain restaurant at the Highcross, but for something much more considered. Perhaps the good folk of Quorn like keeping it to themselves. Perhaps they aren’t new enough to jostle for position in the continual hospitality churn that is Leicestershire at the moment. But stick it on your to-do list. My only regret is that I’ve never popped in for breakfast. Or afternoon tea.

This was just a regular visit and we paid in full for our meals. No opinions were harmed in the making of this blog post.


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