Playmobil Family Fun

Honestly there is very little that brings excitement into our house like the arrival of new Playmobil. I picked up some awesome little pieces for Bam Bam’s birthday recently – including a pastry chef (because birthday cake) and a post lady (because to go with the bin lorry, she loves the people she can spy on in our street). Then this week we received a special package from our Playmobil friends, two family fun sets. This time we are having fun at the pool. And Bam Bam LOVES GOING SWIMMING.

The smaller set is the Sunburnt Swimmer. Full of Playmobil’s usual humour and pinpoint attention to detail, this little chap has a coconut drink (cocktail, obvs) and sits in a dinghy. Take him outside and the UV light gives him sunburn. Like, he actually turns red. His long suffering son looks on, sun cream in hand along with a cool box and some snacks. Bam Bam really likes having sun cream put on because it means that she can go and play outside, so she is applying the teeny bottle of lotion to all toys and people within range. And when the dude gets sunburned in the garden she happily says “Just like Mama!” There speaks a child who has inherited her father’s skin.

Playmobil Aqua Park Fun Pool

The bigger set is the fun pool. I’ll be honest, we have already had hours of play and I haven’t added any water to the darn thing yet. Or put the pulley rope up. There is a lot more to explore. This was by far the most complicated Playmobil build I’ve ever put together, but I was extremely excited to get my first ever Playmobil screwdriver.* That’s because it has a water pistol to hit the target and tip the barrel. That converts into a nozzle to activate the shower. There’s a guy in a fish costume, and a moray eel. So many things. So many questions.

Bam Bam adores it, and she’s so excited by it that she hasn’t even noticed the little bird in the trees yet. We are taking all our little guys swimming daily now, they like climbing up the rocks and jumping into the pool. Wheee. We have added other Playmobil chefs to create elaborate poolside picnics, and our friendly bin men come and clear away all the trash.

It’s adorable. We will have it for years. There are a lot of fiddly parts here, which we will not explore until Bam Bam is a little older, but happily we learned very early on about not putting toys in our mouths, so she is just fine with supervised play with this set. Next stop is adding water, at which point it may briefly join the venerable ranks of Outdoor Playmobil for the summer before coming in for a dry winter. Another great job by Playmobil.

*Obviously the Playmobil is more about me than Bammers, but don’t tell her that. See my Instagram reel for firsthand excitment.

We were kindly gifted this set by Playmobil but my review is my honest feedback.


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