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Since I last posted about Mitsuki, Leicester’s latest Japanese restaurant, it has clearly hit full hype. The post is now one of the most searched items on my blog. And I loved it, so why not go back? I popped in for lunch yesterday with a Guild of Food Writers colleague and was not disappointed.

As ever I have to give my regular disclaimer that I have never been Japan, so I can’t tell you anything about the authenticity, although the team are Japanese and lots of Japanese customers visit! However, in my experience of British Japanese restaurants, everything about Mitsuki seems spot on. They have refined their menu since launch, with a printed version that is very easy to read. The range is not diminished though. Choose from starters, bao, sushi & sashimi, noodle dishes, rice dishes and even a selection of desserts.

What to order?

With peaceful music playing in the background, we only had a short wait until our dishes were brought out. The Classic platter is a great way to have a little taste of a range of sushi and sashimi if you are struggling to choose what to order. The fish is really beautifully fresh, and everything is an absolute delight to behold. The presentation is simple and unfussy, letting the ingredients shine.

mitsuki gyoza

I really loved the tempura vegetables, which had a beautiful crunch and were served with a light, slightly sweet dipping sauce. Finally, I could not resist the gyoza which really are fabulous. Little crisp bases, a moist and flavourful filling, perfectly cooked wrappers and a deep soy dipping sauce.

I think you could eat here every week for a year and still have new things to try on the menu. Everything I’ve ever had there has truly been excellent. The price is right too – this little lot, with two glasses of wine, totalled £32.


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