Tønne Returns

Tonne Leicester is back at St Martin’s Square. Well, to be honest, they have been back for a little while but my being in town after 4pm in order to visit is now rare as hen’s teeth. Anyway, I finally made it in last week – on the stroke of 4 o’clock (hence why it is very empty looking). This is Leicester’s “beer bar” and a cosy little place it is too to stop for a beverage.

Tonne Leicester

Tonne O Beer

Their beer selection is excellent for anyone who loves Belgian beers and the bigger names in UK craft beer. During my visit, there were goodies on offer from the likes of Arbor, North Brewing, Wild Beer Co and Delirium. They have sadly dropped the four or so cask ale taps that they used to have under the old regime, and a shiny cocktail menu has replaced them. This is understandable as the bar is now under the same ownership as the Gadabout.

There is a big beer fridge great for drinking in or taking out. The keg list and some of the cans are also listed on Untappd so you can idly scroll through what takes your fancy if you are really bored at work or you have a menu obsession like me. There was a little bit less choice during my visit as they were on the verge of a post-weekend beer delivery, but I was still able to find plenty of options that I would enjoy.

I treated myself to 2 thirds of the Hefeweizen from ABK, because my wheat beer obsession currently continues unabated. It’s a lovely beer, rich in texture and aromatic punch with a soft finish, so it is perfect for a quiet afternoon snifter. Of course, since everything is in keg or can you will be pretty much guaranteed to get your drink in pristine condition every time.

Tonne O Comfort

Tonne is a pretty cosy place to hang out too. I settled down in a booth but there are plenty of tables and tall stools depending on how you like to do your settling. It’s fresh and contemporary, without feeling too cliquey. Modern without being self-consciously pretentious. A little quirky without the need for neon signs that talk about Instagram.

In fact, the bartender was great, really down to earth and friendly, which was a massive improvement from my previous visits in the wee olden days. The price is right for the beers they are serving, in my opinion. I look forward to popping back in the coming weeks and checking out what is new on the list. Great outdoor patio for people watching along Cank Street too if you are so inclined!

I wrote about this bar because I wanted to. And I bought my own beer before you ask.


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  • Great article yet again. Would like to take a leaf out of your writing. It’s so good!


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