The Railway Inn, Glenfield

I wrote about the Railway back in the mists of time, when the blog was young. We have since been back many times, not least because it was the closest place to serve draught Bass. The pub has felt a little in need of a lick of paint in recent years. Now under the ownership of the Stonegate Group, it has had a £360,000 refurbishment. It is fair to say that a little of its unique character has been lost. But it is clean and comfortable with lots of well-presented outside space.

A pint of Proper Job with a Christmas bauble

Sunday Dinner

It has been open for less than 2 weeks. The inexperience of the new team does show, which is perhaps to be expected. But they were certainly welcoming enough! As we visited on a Sunday, Bam Bam and I shared a turkey roast dinner, while the Boy opted for a burger and drink. The food was always incredibly reasonably priced and that continues. For the price, it is hard to be too critical, but I will say that my vegetables were well over-boiled and the parsnips and roast potatoes were a little blonde. This made the whole dish feel a little bit, well, beige, when it didn’t really have to, but it filled the gap. The Boy enjoyed his spicy nduja and jalapeno burger. For my money that was just a little too much spicy juice hanging around and soaking the bun.

Cask Ale

Sadly the draught Bass is no more, but there was a Banks Christmas amber, Doom bar, Proper Job and Landlord on the pumps. The beer was well kept and drank well. I noted the 10% off for CAMRA members chalkboard on the bar so thought I might as well take it, only to be told there wasn’t actually a CAMRA discount on. Bit weird. Mainly annoying because I wouldn’t have been bothered asking if the sign wasn’t there, then I had to explain to the server what it was. Then a manager came out and said the discount wasn’t on.

Ordering was also a little slow because the server wasn’t familiar with much of the menu. I was also overcharged for my apple pie which should have been a £2 addition to the main (total bargain). And in the event, 20 minutes after our plates had been cleared it still did not arrive. We had to leave so I didn’t get to try it at all. 😞 Pretty sore about that to be honest.

All in all, it has lost a bit of individuality but gained a lot in comfort and facilities. The draught beer is very good at a reasonable price. I’ll be interested to see how often the beer changes and what to. The menu is extremely good value, although the new kitchen could tighten up a little on the quality of preparation. But none of this would put me off from returning to this established village boozer.

We paid for our meals in full. In fact I overpaid slightly if I’m honest (and I’m clearly not over the apple pie.)


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