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We all love a good list, don’t we? And what better list could there be than one telling you where to go for all the best mulled wine, mulled cider, boozy hot choc, Christmas cocktails and more? Yes, my cheeks are already filling with a cheery festive glow at just the thought of it. I will write up a few of them as I get chance to try them…

Let me know via the usual channels if you have anything to add to the list.


Apple strudel and custard cocktail is on now, along with mulled wine, boozy hot chocolates and liqueur coffees.

Aylestone Black Horse

Mulled wine, cider, hot toddies, and a Maria Mocha available now.


Have a ‘full winter warmer menu’ so your guess is as good as mine as to what that involves.


Hot toddy, boozy hot chocolate, mulled wine and mince pies are on now.

The Forge

Mulled cider on now along with festive hot drinks like Biscoff latte.

The Gadabout

8 festive cocktails, The Gadabout mulled wine and non alcoholic Xmas cocktails are available now.

The Globe

Mulled wine and cider are available now. Boozy coffee and hot chocolate will be available soon.

James Cafe Bistro

Cinnamon, gingerbread or cherry flavoured syrups for coffee and hot chocolate. Mulled wine at We Are shopping events on Wednesdays between 4pm and 7pm. Fancy frozen margaritas on the winter cocktail menu.

Knight & Garter

Mulled cider is on now.

Queen of Bradgate

Mulled wine, mulled cider and boozy hot chocolate & coffee are on now ☕️ Also there is a new festive Jaffa Martini on the cocktail menu.  🎄

Mash & Press

Mulled Cider will be on soon, made with “proper full juice Charnwood Cider…. none of your watered down crappy made from concentrate pseudo cider rubbish 😜” They will also be making boozy hot chocolate for their upcoming Christmas Fayre which may stay on the menu if it’s popular.

Orton’s Brasserie

Candy Cane White Russian available now, made with Stolichnaya Vanil vodka, Kahlua coffee liqueur and a blend of milk, cream and sweet peppermint.

Rutland & Derby

Mulled cider on now.

The Tap and Barrel

Mulled wine is on now for £4.50, Mulled cider is £3.50, and you can add a slug of brandy 25ml for a £1!

The Tree

Mulled wine is on and hoping for mulled cider in the 2nd week of December. There will also be a selection of boozy hot drinks and Christmas cocktails appearing soon.

Two Tailed Lion

Spiced Rum Mulled Cider available now for £4.50 (along with excellent bi-weekly pub quiz hosted by yours truly at 7pm on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month)


Mulled wine available now

Wygston’s House

Mulled wine and cider on now.


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