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MITSUKI: A new Japanese restaurant in Leicester is always a cause for much celebration. Not least because our Japanese, Korean and most of the Chinese-run restaurants are pretty much universally stonking good quality. And they are usually excellent value too. My expectations are always high. That’s probably true everywhere though, to be fair. The unassuming Mitsuki on London Road pretty much smashed it out of the park on my visit this week.

The restaurant is easily missed and understated from the outside. There is a pretty display of colourful parasols and flowers along the ceiling. This subtle and muted restaurant still really sits in your memory. Seated at the plain table, Bam Bam was offered a comfortable high chair. We waited just a short time for our order. Mama was given a glass of white wine (choice of red or white on the menu, take the difficulty out of it). It was absolutely fine to drink, plenty of acidity and fresh citrus flavours. It would match with pretty much any dish you could care to order.

And leave extra time for orders – the menu is extensive. It’s not because the service is slow at all. It’s just that there is an awful lot of choice. I flipped leisurely through the menu for ages. Starters, salads, steamed buns. What else? The full range of sushi, sashimi and nigiri. Of course you might try the noodle dishes, rice dishes, teryaki, bento boxes. And desserts. That’s just what I can remember off the top of my head. It took me a really long time to decide what to have. I already can’t wait to go back to try more of the dishes.

Maki Rolls

In the end, I settled for chicken gyoza, crispy beef bao buns and a salmon maki roll for Bam Bam and me to share. Our lunchtime partner in crime was a vegan. He ate as well as us. He ordered and enjoyed the tofu/egg pockets, avocado rolls and vegetable spring rolls. We agreed that every single dish was delicious and flawless. The service was quick and friendly. Bam Bam had her first taste of pickled ginger and seemed to be quite the fan.

I have absolutely no criticism of Mitsuki, I loved my lunch there and I will absolutely be back for more. Look out Wakaze, look out Little Tokyo – you both have a worthy rival here.

Mitsuki did not know I would write up my visit and we paid for our order in full.


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