Leicester Cocktail Week 2021

Did you know that Leicester Cocktail Week is just around the corner? Our brilliant bartenders are in competition to find out who has made the best cocktail. Try them from 20th-26th September for a bargain £5 each and vote for your favourite via a QR code. We’ll find out at the end of the week who takes the Leicester Cocktail Week crown!

The Leicester Cocktail Week Drinks List

The cocktail list as I understand it is as follows:

  • Gadabout – Heard it Through the Grapevine
  • Grand Union – Sweet, Sweet Commercialism
  • Sonrisa – Firey Mamasita
  • Marquis of Wellington – Frozen Margarita
  • Orton’s – Summer Fruit Sling
  • Knight and Garter – The Garter
  • Bruxelles – Chocolate Cherish
  • Apres Lounge – Rhubarb Baby
  • Olivia’s – Friends with Benefits
  • Firebug – Wonderland Iced Tea
  • Sophie – Banana Caipirinha
  • Queen of Bradgate – Queen of Hearts
  • Metal Monocle – Sweet or Sour Helm
  • The Globe – Jock & Brummie
  • 45 West – Banana’s Foster
  • Turkey Cafe – Barbie Girl
  • Audrey – Echoes of Forest Kami
  • Exchange – Jalapeño Margarita
  • Manhattan 34 – The Black Flag
  • Ronnie Roos – Starburst Martini
  • Natterjack’s – Baby Gurl
  • 33cankstreet – Buckfast at Tiffany’s
  • Wygston’s House – Wygstons Rumble
  • NineB – Caesar’s Sour
  • Locker Room – Northern Lights
espresso martini closeup

You can find out more and see photos of some of the drinks on the Leicester Cocktail Week Instagram page. So far I like the sound of the Knight & Garter’s entry – a take on the gin bramble:

The Garter is sweet with slight tartness coming through from blackberry gin. The mixture of berries and apple gives it that autumnal, cosy vibe.

The Garter

I also quite fancy the entry from Bruxelles, sounds right up my street:

A blend of bourbon, cherry and a hint of chocolate.

Chocolate Cherish

Which will you be trying? With a whole week you just need to have 3 or 4 a day to work through them all. I definitely won’t manage that, but I might have chance to squeeze a couple in.


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