Weekend Menu Specials at the Knight & Garter

KNIGHT & GARTER MENU: I know this is probably a bit late in the day to be posting about a specials menu that is only available this weekend. However I was making canapes and then attending a wedding where I ate my own canapes. There hasn’t been a spare moment to post about this awesome menu up until now.

The Knight & Garter has been with us for just over four years now. They have been one of my go-to eateries for some time, with a pub menu that is truly a cut above in terms of quality and flavour. However these new specials firmly cement them as the best place to eat in the city at the moment. I only can’t think of anywhere that offers a better menu right now. The K&G along with its sister pub, The Forge at Glenfield, are offering a weekend specials menu that changes each week. Pop in from Friday to Sunday to try something new.

Starter: Arancini

This slow cooked pork ragu arancini is served on rocket with tiny gems of crispy bacon and a rich Applewood cheese sauce. It is rich and indulgent, plus the crispy coating around that rice ball is just perfection when it comes to crunch. Did you know that one arancini should really be an arancino in Italian, but the good folk of Palermo actually call them arancina/e because they believe they are feminine! The Accademia della Crusca tells us that actually a round (rather than pointed) rice ball with the feminine name is actually the most correct as the word comes from the Italian for orange, arancia, so that follows the same grammatical rules. Apparently.

Arancini on a bed of rocket

Main: Heart of Rump

A carefully marinated heart of rump served beautifully pink and flavoured with chilli and garlic. This tender cut is presented alongside roast baby carrots, cheese and onion mash and a unctuous, almost velvety gravy. The melt in the mouth beef makes this a strong contender for a roast dinner alternative.

Main: Smoked Haddock Pie

There is actually a blend of smoked and unsmoked haddock in the glistening cream sauce here, to help give the dish balance. This is hidden under a tarragon crumb and served with crisp potatoes, buttery green beans and a decadent and delicately sweet lobster cream.

Dessert: Pumpkin Pie

We’ve had such amazing weather this week it can be easy to forget autumn is really getting into gear now, with all of the great flavours it represents. This pumpkin pie is a great way to get in the vibe when you’ve finished going for long walks through crunchy leaves. It has a light spice, some toasted pumpkin seeds for texture and a mascarpone Chantilly cream. I thought it was a delight although the crust was just a little on the thick side for my tastes (having judged thee Pie Awards so recently I am perhaps hyper sensitive to pastry.

While you might not be able to make it down today to sample these particular dishes, the important takeaway is that there will be new specials every weekend. This applies to the Forge and the Knight & Garter menu. I have no doubt that they will all be as exquisite as these and executed to the same high standard.

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