BOOK REVIEW: Spikey by Tereza Anteneová

Bam Bam and I have been working our way through a lovely book recently. Spikey by Tereza Anteneová is a cute story about a hedgehog and his adventures, but also offers a lot more. It gives a huge amount of information about hedgehogs as a species, plus their endangered status. As well as educating, with support from charity Hedgehog Street there are lots of tips embedded within the book about how to make your outdoor space more hedgehog friendly.

It is quite long compared to most of the books I read with Bam Bam yet. However, at the bottom of each page, there are cues for parents. One side is for younger children and the other for older. This is great for getting them to pay attention and to test their comprehension. It also help to encourage your big people to interact with your small people while reading the book together.

For us, it means the book will have many years in our household yet as Bam Bam grows. Not least because we do have hedgehogs in our garden that we always seek to look after.

Children’s Book Review: Spikey by Tereza Anteneová

I really like the story and the illustrations, both of which are gentle and easy to follow, although we quickly got wrapped up in Spikey’s life and his welfare! The pages are a little thin compared to other books Bam Bam plays with. We are teaching her gradually about being gentle with books since animal stories tend to get her a little excited!! But this is part of her learning curve and, to be fair, they recommend the book for age 2 and up. She is getting there though and happily, we do not have any torn pages at the present time!

There are also some lovely online resources to accompany the book. Again they are a little too old for us at the moment. However, you can drill down into more comprehension work as well as considered more practical information about hedgehog care and the charity Hedgehog Street.

It is a lovely thing that I am sure will be treasured in our house for many years to come.

We were gifted this book to review but this post is an honest reflection of our experience.


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