East Street Lanes – Kids Edition

We returned to East Street Lanes, Leicester’s first central bowling alley for a long time when it opened. It was time to road test it with Bam Bam in tow and see how we got on. I was actually surprised how well set up it was for visiting with young children. Bam Bam is barely walking, let alone able to bowl at this point. So we were making full use of the side barriers and the ramp for rolling the bowling ball down the lane.

We also selected one of the fun game screens for our party. The screen dressed our photos in silly disguises and costumes as we went through the game. Bam Bam enjoyed watching the chicks walk through the screen as much as anything else in fairness. We were also pleased that she learned the words “ball” and “bowling”. She spent a lot of the visit shouting “ball” and enjoyed all the clapping and cheering that is inherent in a bowling alley. That’s a win as far as I’m concerned.

Baby Friendly Bowling

We were a bit worried that with all the lights and loud music it would all be a bit too much for her. Actually, it was a good venue that wasn’t too over-stimulating for a very small child, which surprised me. We didn’t take her in the arcade or bar, but I think that would have fascinated her. The thing that got her most excited was the group of school kids who arrived for their after-school bowl. They were screaming and shouting and running all over the place. But like any toddler she is obsessed with older kids, so she was fascinated by their antics. And they were having a great time, so it was lovely to see.

Having the barriers up and the bowling ramp meant that I narrowly beat Bam Bam into second place in the first game. Typical. Luckily I got into my stride and thankfully beat her more comfortably on my second game. Naturally, The Boy won both games easily. We found the staff made us feel really welcome and had no issues taking the pushchair around the venue.

Would absolutely recommend taking your small along to try something a bit different. We went as early as we could, 3pm, which suited Bam Bam’s schedule. Going in the daytime can sometimes offer rewards in the form of cheaper games. Keep an eye on the East Street Lanes offers page.

Where else do you enjoy taking your small person for a bit of a new experience?

Our visit was gifted by East Street Lanes, but this write up is my honest response to my experience.


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