EXCLUSIVE: Duffy’s Bar Mk 2

It’s not that often that Extreme Housewifery gets to break an exclusive. But I have one today! I popped in to see the magnificent Jackie Duffy only to discover that Duffy’s Bar has undergone an incredible transformation over lockdown. They will be throwing open their doors this Friday so you can enjoy the craic.

New and Improved – yet not changing at all

When I say “incredible transformation” of course the spirit of Duffy’s remains unchanged. It is dark, with dark wood, dark tables. The Guinness will be ready for you. And when I say “over lockdown”, it looks like most of the work has taken place in the last week or so and now they are hurrying to finish. But as I say, the spirit of Duffy’s Bar remains unchanged.

The stage has swapped to the opposite end of the room, so now it is bigger and *I hope* easier to photograph. There is a new bar at the back of the space for your gig drinks, and even the little wobbly standing bar has had a little upgrade so it is now a bit more sturdy. The upgrade will allow the amazing Duffy’s Orchestra to move to the back room, to allow for more musicians and more spectators at the monthly sessions. If you haven’t been to a Duffy’s session, put it on your list. It is basically the best night out in Leicester, bar none.

Duffy’s Bar is an incredible Irish pub. It is amazingly welcoming and friendly. It is a key space to see up-and-coming local bands (support live music, woo!) I am so excited to see their new look finished and to see the Duffy’s session expand to reach an even bigger audience. Hope to see you there!

Follow them on Facebook to stay up to date with what’s happening at Duffy’s. The sessions take place on the last Friday of every month and you can enjoy watching sport and loads of great live music.


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