Dine in the Square

The BID Leicester has come up with Dine in the Square to entice you all back into the city. After endless lockdowns and seemingly endless rain recently, it was a pleasure to take a stroll to a balmy Green Dragon Square yesterday to find out what it was all about.

Basically there is a picnic area where you can use Yoello to order food from a number of restaurants locally direct to the table. I spoke to the staff who delivered our orders who said it is quite quiet so far, so they are just using their regular staff to run the orders out to either Green Dragon Square, St Peter’s Square or St Martin’s Square as appropriate. The guests that had gathered for the launch were the only ones using the space too so I think the idea is taking a little time to take hold as the scheme has already been running for two weeks.

We grabbed a picnic table and made ourselves comfortable. The Yoello website was easy to use and of course there are no delivery charges. The real benefit of using Dine in the Square is being able to order from multiple venues at once. We got a starter from Giggling Squid and burgers from Crafty. It wasn’t a long wait either so that was great.

Going Out Out

The food was lovely, but we forgot to order mayo to go with our chips. Of course if we decided we fancied another drink or a pudding, we’d have to put another order in and wait. Make sure you order everything you need right away!!

I think if you are still nervous about going out to eat, but you do still want to go out to eat, then Dine in the Square is for you. Personally, I have missed actually going to restaurants. There is very little ambience in the squares. The special set up all feels a bit ‘pandemic measures’ rather than normal life. I want to visit the business I am supporting and talk to the staff there. It is nice to grab an extra starter or a dessert on a whim. I want to sit inside and not care what the weather is saying. I think the ship has sailed – this would have been more useful when we couldn’t eat inside venues. But if we do not see an end to restrictions on 21st June, or worse more stringent restrictions return, there will definitely be a place for this set up.

Tell me what you think in the comments – have you used Dine in the Square?

We were invited to test out the system and given a credit to use towards our food. My opinion is my honest reflection of our experience.


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