Dama Rose Arabic Cafe and Delicatessan

I had a little bit of a disappointing takeaway from Dama Rose last month. However I thought there was such promise that I determined to eat there in person when I got the chance. I’m pleased to say that I had weighed things up correctly! They have an extensive menu of Arabic food and counter of deli treats.

Hoping initially to visit the Coffee Counter for lunch. I discovered that they were open but without a savoury menu yet. Visit them from tomorrow onwards for a bigger food selection, and of course fantastic locally roasted coffee! Just round the corner on Granby Street, Dama Rose is an Arabic Cafe. They have opened up in the former Marco & Carl unit.

Dama Rose takeaway

We had ordered a little range of dishes to try the menu out. While it was all nice enough, it hadn’t traveled well and was cold. Eating from the menu made fresh to order, sat in the Granby Street sun, was a very different proposition this week. I’ll admit that service was a little chaotic. But it was friendly enough and not too slow.

Arabic Coffee

As you would expect, Arabic coffees are available that are strong and delicious. As it was quite warm, I ordered an iced cappuccino. It delivered a real hit of caffeine with a tight, foamy head. I really enjoyed it, a very refreshing beverage. I was put in mind of the strong and tasty espresso martini I drank at James’ Cafe Bistro the week before. We are blessed with independents who make coffee that tastes like coffee, not the weak and forgettable stuff from the big chains.

iced cappuccino at Dama Rose

Tasty Treats

I followed this up with a manakish – a stone-baked flatbread. We had the chicken and cheese in our delivery order which was the best item of the bunch. This time I opted for falafel and cheese. It was fresh, crunch and full of flavour. Just £5.50 and served with two dips of your choice. I opted for the regular hummus and baba ganoush. It was a delicious flavour combination. The dish was very appetising in appearance. I drew envious looks from passers-by (since we aren’t allowed to sit inside yet).

I’m very much looking forward to returning to Dama Rose and trying some more of their menu. If you are in the area and fancy a coffee I would definitely recommend them. They are a definite step up over local competition who don’t make such good coffee like Bru. Add them to your rotation alongside the Leicester Coffee House!

Dama Rose did not know I would write up my visit and I paid for my meal in full.


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