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Edit: 22/05/21 Cards are now available. Click here to find a distribution point and remember when you register your card to join THE EXTREME TEAM!

I’m pretty excited that we will have a Beat the Street Leicester edition taking place at the end of this month. If you have school age kids, you might have already heard about it, it is a citywide game that we can all get involved with. Basically all across the city “Beat Boxes” will be attached to lamp posts. You check in at a beat box with a card or fob and get points for walking, run or cycling between two boxes (or more) within an hour.

beat the street Leicester

Of course, we’ve all been stuck at home for longer than we care to remember, so this is a great way of getting out into the fresh air and stretching your legs. There are even prizes on offer and it is totally contactless so it is Covid safe. I like the idea so much that I have even set up a blog team – The Extreme Team – so I hope you will come and join me (virtually) in getting out and about around Leicester when the game starts.

Join The Extreme Team in Beat the Street Leicester

School kids are getting a fob to scan at beat boxes from their schools. The rest of us will be able to pick up a card to do the same thing. The distribution centres haven’t been announced yet but I’ll keep you posted when they are. Then you register your card online and choose your team – so select The Extreme Team!

There is an online map that tells you where all of the beat boxes are so you can plan your journey to take in as many as possible and bag a load of points. I am well aware that people who read this blog fall into two main categories. There are parents with young children, and then there are people who like a nice drink and a good feed. This game is already maximized for smalls. Beat boxes can be found in green spaces, near our outdoor gyms and playgrounds. I will be able to walk Bam Bam between beat boxes on our normal walking circuits as well as finding a reason to explore new areas. Little people can jump right into this game and drag their parents with them.

The Pub Crawl

For those of you without kids (and those that straddle my two categories, like me), what you really need is the guide to which beat boxes are near the best pubs and restaurants. Because when you’ve burned all of those calories, you’ll deserve a drink, right? I’m naturally happy to oblige. Here is the Beat The Street Pub Crawl and Great Eats guide!

Beat BoxLocationWhat’s Nearby?
204Frog Island, by Slater St schoolBitsy’s Emporium of Awesome, North Mills
108West Holme StreetWest End Brewery, Braunstone Gate
188Welford WalkThe King’s Head, King Street
186The OvalThe Marquis Wellington, London Road
194HSBC, nr the Clock TowerJames’ Cafe Bistro, East Bond Street
191Cathedral GardensSonrisa, Grey Friars
201Dysart WayBridle Lane Tavern, Belgrave Gate
213Belgrave LibraryMirch Masala, off MacDonald Road
344Montague RoadQueen’s Road Tap, Queen’s Road
124Aylestone MeadowsThe Black Horse, Narrow Lane
Let me know if you spot any more!


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