International Women’s Day Beer

Brewing International Women’s Day beer has become a well established tradition thanks to the likes of Project Venus and the IWD Collaboration Brew Day. This year there was also a fab beer box up for grabs that features beers by some of the best female brewers in the country right now. This accompanied an online tasting held on Instagram on International Women’s Day itself, hosted by Jaega Wise from Wild Card Brewery and featuring the School of Booze‘s Jayne Peyton and other great guests.

I wanted to share a few of the beers with you, as none of them were brewed especially for the occasion it means you can pick them up to enjoy whenever you fancy!

International Women’s Day Beer Tasting Pack

Cloudwater – IPA

It says ‘soft and juicy’ on the can and they are not kidding. If you like your IPAs on the smooth and fluffy side then this is the drink for you. Made by the female brewers on the Cloudwater team it really has their signature taste – easy drinking and full of flavour. Expect peach, pineapple and orange juice with just a whisper of hop bitterness on the finish.

Neptune Brewery – Turbulence

This is a big, bad West Coast IPA, just how I like them. Made by Liverpool’s Neptune Brewery this is perhaps more my style of IPA than the Cloudwater – big biting hop bitterness is balanced with an initial malt sweetness. There is honey notes, citrus but also green flavours with sticky pine and resin cutting and crisp. The bitter finish is bitingly crisp. This was my pick of the bunch.

Queer Brewing – Existence as a Radical Act

Loved this beer too. Layers of citrus and tropical fruit hidden under a veil of rancorous hops. Beautiful and bold yet simultaneously understated.  It takes up a space all of its own in the beer spectrum as you would expect, and offers a beautifully clean finish despite having so much body and mouth filling texture.

Brewsters Brewery – Rundle Beck Bitter

Named for the small stream that runs close to the village of Granby, where the Brewster’s taphouse is located, this extra special bitter is full of beautiful English hops giving an easy drinking bitter that is modern, bright and heavily nuanced. Expect lots of fruit – marmalade especially as well as rich roasted notes. Beautifully balanced this is a masterclass in brewing.


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