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Lockdown restrictions have eased today and Leicester has been blessed with sun on our local beer garden when a lot of the country has had snow! We hit the pub with Bam Bam for lunch today so I could do some recording for Radio Leicester (like we wouldn’t have gone anyway!) We hit up the Bridle Lane Tavern because we wanted to show our support having enjoyed food from Zion Community Kitchen‘s delivery menu during lockdown.

It was a lovely atmosphere this lunch time. I would say 50% of the customers there had a child under one with them so we were definitely not the only lockdown parents who were pleased to get out and be in the (socially distanced) company of others. The BLT were offering a bargainous £5 burger menu which was AMAZING!

Enjoying the Beer Garden Ambience

We sat Bam Bam in her own high chair, which she was very pleased with. We enjoyed a chicken burger and a hot dog while she had some salad. There were also delicious sounding veggie and vegan options – I was nearly tempted by both the halloumi burger and falafel. But the chicken was simply perfection. It was insanely stacked! The burger was a good 6 inches thick of the most crispy, succulent fried chicken fillets. Accessorised with cheese, lettuce, mayo and a wonderful homemade brioche bun. Fit. The Boy made very encouraging noises about the hot dog too.

We washed it down with a pint of Primate from the Blue Monkey Brewery. This is a fantastic fruity ale that was in beautiful condition. We followed this up with a pint of Salopian’s Hop Twister in the Salmon before we hopped on the bus home. It was just so wonderful to see great beers from great breweries back on the bars. Superb garden on offer at the Salmon too. Head to my beer gardens list for more info on where you can visit. I felt safe and well looked after by all of the staff in the pubs we visited. A really wonderful few hours out – and Bam Bam is flat out napping after all of the excitement!


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