Anstey Alpacas

As part of giving Bam Bam the best first Christmas I possibly can despite the pandemic, we went to Anstey Alpacas today. The timid little creatures were dolled up with their best festive head gear. We went on a fun walk, giving them cuddles and a tasty treat or two along the way. Bam Bam thought the alpacas were absolutely brilliant and quietly made friends with one who eventually let her stroke it on the nose, even though she decided she needed a nap URGENTLY half way through and so was pretty shouty.

Our guide was super knowledgeable and super helpful during our visit. Nothing was too much trouble. He even helped Bam Bam get a little one on one time with gentle Erin the alpaca so she could have a proper cuddle. There are also sheep and goats and I believe you can also go on a goat walk which I would love.

Having been a governor with special responsibilities for SEND learners, I was also really happy to learn that these animals participate in providing alternate provision for high needs learners which is just brilliant.

I’ll be honest, I would have enjoyed it more if the Boy was there too, as wrangling the baby, pushchair, alpaca, camera and tub of feed was just too much for one person, especially when she lost her cool. But I still LOVED IT. The baby loved it. The alpacas looked hugely resentful of their festive headgear, it was adorable. Cannot recommend enough, please support this delightful local business. My only complaint is that the directions aren’t very good on the website, there isn’t a clear map and there isn’t even a single sign, so make sure you leave plenty of time to find it. We left half an hour early and were still late for our appointment!

Anstey Alpacas did not know I would write up my visit, which I paid for in full.


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