Lockdown Treats: 5000-1 Coffee

5000-1 Coffee: I am pretty sure that the odds 5000-1 don’t really mean a whole lot to most of the world now. However here in Leicester, we haven’t forgotten. No number is more evocative of place I think than 5000-1. Yes, it’s the odds that Leicester beat to win the Premier League in 2015-16. Yes, we’re still going on about it. I think the hangover has only just dissipated from the after League party.

Anyway, a new independent coffee company has appeared in the city – 5000-1 Coffee – and they are delivering coffee straight to your door. Well, if you live in Leicester they are. Otherwise the postman is bringing it. But either way it is mighty convenient, especially as we are in another full lockdown. They started during the first lockdown, so it’s great to see a new independent starting in tricky times.

It comes secure in a cardboard sleeve which fits neatly through your letterbox, you’ll be pleased to know. The Leicester City theme runs through the special artwork on each coffee type. They have unique label art featuring Leicester players – currently the Dark Series – which is a lot of fun. Each bag of coffee has a different flavour profile and there are some good tasting notes which accompany each coffee to help you decide which one you want. 50p from each bag of coffee goes to the Foxes Sports Foundation set up by Christian Fuchs under the current series of artworks.

The Verdict

I’m no expert when it comes to coffee. Happy to admit that. I can spot a good cup and a bad cup, I can analyse it if I need to. However, I haven’t got the time at the moment to be setting up a proper cupping session to analyse each element of flavour and aroma. However, I do want something that goes nice with a biscuit, or perhaps a bit of cake mid-morning. And this certainly fits the bill. Fellow food writer Kate Morris very kindly sent me some of her brownies in the post so it seemed logical to put that together with mail order coffee. I paired this with the Workhorse coffee which also has chocolatey notes and the hazelnut flavours really brought the match together. Delicious, even though I take my coffee with milk.

If you want coffee direct to your door on a regular basis, you can also opt for a subscription so you don’t forget and you don’t run out! Take a look at their website by clicking here and support a new small business.

The coffee was gifted to me for review and my opinion is my honest view of what I received.


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