#EndChildFoodPoverty: Anyone who knows me in real life will have a fair idea that I think this government are a bunch of contemptible so-and-so’s. It doesn’t take much for Tories to convince me that they are gosh darn awful people. So it’s fair to say I was appalled but not surprised that the Tories voted down a motion to extend free school meals into the holidays. To feed hungry children. When we’re in the middle of an unprecedented global pandemic. And people are losing their jobs left right and centre.

Anyway, just like the country had to seemingly rely on the fundraising efforts of a 99 year old veteran earlier in the pandemic to pump much needed millions back into the NHS, now small businesses – many in the beleaguered hospitality sector – have stepped up to do their bit to make sure no child goes hungry. Because unlike the Tories, many small business owners have a soul.

I want to spread the word far and wide about who is doing what so that anyone who needs a little extra support knows where to find help. I’d also like us, as a community, to support these businesses in return. After all if they don’t have enough paying customers then they won’t be in a position to help anyone else. I have no doubt that trade is significantly down at all of these businesses so make an effort to buy a pint, a meal, a newspaper, whatever you can.

Bagos Pizza

Started helping out people who need it way before the whole Tory vote kicked off. Bagos make lush (and massive) pizzas which I have enjoyed at the West End Brewery in the past (more on them later). They offer a free meal to those in need between 3pm and 4pm because they are awesome. If you haven’t tried their pizzas, do get a delivery or pop in.

The Geese & Fountain

Free meals on Wednesday to Friday in the school holidays. Phenomenal country pub replete with jolly bearded landlord and friendly pub cats. Possible lefties. Food is excellent. Find out more and make your mouth water by reading the menus on their website.

JB Kitchen, Thurcaston

Making donations to their local foodbank, providing free meals for children and encouraging their customers to support them in feeding the community. I have never had the pleasure of going to JB Kitchen, but seeing how lovely they are I will make an effort to get to Thurcaston now to give them a go! Find out more on Facebook.

West End Brewery

Take in food donations that will be deposited with Leicester South Food Bank on a weekly basis and you’ll get 10% off your beer during your visit! Everybody wins! Find out more on their Facebook page. Leicester’s first brewpub and I can highly recommend the stout. Find out more about them and the beers they brew on their website.

Wigston Fields News & Deli

They have a brilliant ‘pay with a post it’ board which was originally for people to pay a coffee forward, but now includes small shops to help those in need. The #NotJustACornershop has a long pedigree of pay as you feel items in support of Leicester South Food Bank and they show no sign of stopping their support of those in need in their community. Currently they have free oranges for children passing on their way to school, and also you can buy bespoke Christmas hampers of local produce and they will donate a Treat Bag to the food bank for every hamper purchased. Find out more about the hampers or make a remote donation to the Pay with a Post-it board via their website.

Know of any more I should include? Drop me a comment or tweet me @Morrighani!


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