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You’ll remember I wrote about Pomelo & Rocket at Graffwerk before lockdown, and since Covid-19 hit then have changed their model into a vegan dinner club. They have been delivering some incredible plantbased picnics to the good folk of this Shire. Yesterday they delivered a three course meal to The Boy and I, much to our anticipation!

They will be moving out of Graffwerk to concentrate on providing a high quality vegan catering offer from now on and I can highly recommend getting behind them and watching out for their menus on Instagram because what we tried was delicious! Everything came in minimal sustainable packaging and there were clear instructions for preparing the meal – we basically just had to bang the starter and main in the oven – easy peasy.


To start off we had an Aubergine Parmigiana Tart. I think this may have been better as individual tarts as ours had a little bit of a soggy bottom, but equally our oven is rubbish so that could well explain it. It didn’t matter though, the edges of the tart case were crisp and the pastry deliciously melt in the mouth. The sweet, sharp tomato and earthy charred aubergine blended really nicely with the creamy topping, so this was really an excellent starter. I have no idea what the creamy component was made from, but it was very tasty!


Next up we had the Italian theme continued with a mushroom, spinach and ricotta cannelonni. I was a bit dubious when I read about this, because this is a real favourite of mine and I really didn’t know how ricotta could be reproduced without dairy, but to be fair the vegan ricotta was really bang on not just in flavour but also in texture. This was a real star dish and again that combo of creamy with sweet tomato won me over. The mushrooms in there were a nice touch of added texture and flavour too. We left ours in the oven a bit longer to get an even crispier top and this was lovely – who doesn’t like a crispy bit?

With this we served the ‘fragrant salad’ which had a real blend of leaves, including I think some dill and nasturtium leaves. Fragrant was the word, and along with toasted almonds, cherry tomatoes and roasted peppers this packed a real flavour punch. I think I would have liked a little dressing – maybe a simple vinaigrette, but I suppose that would require an additional bit of packaging and it is easy to throw one together yourself!


Concluding our date night menu in the garden was a vegan tiramisu. This was a coffee and amaretto soaked sponge with vegan cream, dusted with cocoa powder. It was lovely, but I didn’t really think it tasted like tiramisu. I think the problem when you can eat real cream is that not real cream doesn’t taste like real cream. So this tiramisu tasted a lot of coconut to me! Which was delicious, don’t get me wrong! My preference would be for more coffee and more amaretto too – I’m used to tiramisu really knocking you behind the eyes, and this was a little more sedate. I’m really not knocking it though and I am definitely being heavy on the scrutiny because it is vegan friendly and I am not known for my vegan friendly characteristics.

The Verdict

We loved it. We were able to sit out in the garden as the sun went down, with Bam Bam in her rocking chair while we ate and enjoy a meal together that took minimal preparation. The food was excellently prepared, vibrant and appetising. We are not vegan, but we did not miss the absence of meat or dairy. It was a nicely balanced menu, and I would be very happy to try more of their Dinner Club menus in the future. Check them out!

This meal was gifted for the purposes of review. My post is an honest reflection of my opinion of the food.


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