Omotenashi Dining: Lockdown Luxury

Omotenashi Dining: Well, Leicester’s lockdown is going on for an unconscionably long time, isn’t it? To counteract the endless boredom and frustration, we are continuing to do what we can do support small local businesses. This week we got sushi via Wigston Fields News & Deli‘s pre-order system from Omotenashi Dining.

Yuko Dixon prepares authentic Japanese menus for you to enjoy at home. Perfectly placed for us at the moment! We ordered two different boxes to test out for our first order. One was the salmon and tuna mixed sushi box. The other a Japanese style fried chicken roll. Nice to have a bit of variety!

Rolls, Nigiri and Sashimi

As you would expect, everything was absolutely at the peak of freshness and it really showed in the flavour and texture of the fish and the crunch of vegetable elements like the cucumber. The salmon and tuna set included sashimi (slices of raw fish), nigiri (fish on blocks of seasoned rice), small tuna rolls and big fat spicy rolls made with tuna, avocado, cucumber, lettuce, pickles, sesame seeds and more! I loved them all. It was a great amount for £18, but the tuna nigiri I think was my highlight simply because it was so fresh. The fat rolls were spicy too – that was a pleasant surprise because I’m not really into wasabi so this gave me a bit of variety, heat wise!

The chicken rolls were also crisp and fresh. The chicken was really melt in the mouth and the savoury flavour was a nice contrast to the slight sweetness of the fish. These rolls were big and fat, more than a mouthful really, although I managed to fit them in there. Because I am uncouth. To be fair I have never had any idea whether you are supposed to bite sushi or not. I have not been to Japan and observed for myself! These rolls were £10 for 8 delicious, handmade pieces.

Along with the nicely presented kits, there is wasabi, soy and a little bit of pickled ginger tucked away neatly, so you have all the seasoning you could possibly need. Just add good company and chopsticks!

Omotenashi Dining did not know I would review the products we bought and I paid for everything in full.


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