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As we continue to slowly creep through the Leicester lockdown, we are now in line with the rest of the country in regards to many of the businesses that can open. Outdoor play areas, cafes, entertainment venues, hairdressers, quite a variety of businesses are now able to open their doors. The restrictions remain on having people over to your house and even your private garden which I think is counter intuitive and deeply upsetting to many people, so we are keeping our fingers crossed that on 31st August we will finally be set free, after an additional 2 months of measures.

With such an increased lockdown period, businesses in the city and county have really suffered and I am determined to keep visiting as many independents as I can to play whatever small part I can in showing them that they are valued and we are pleased to be back. The Green Place in Sileby has been running a cafe for a long time, but they have refreshed their look with some fabulous COVID-19 safe upcycled pods which have made visiting them absolutelyt irresistible.

Book in Advance

You book your slot via their website and choose your pod. They are all made from recycled materials and have their own character. Obviously this means that you are nicely distanced from other households. They give each pod a good clean and disinfect in between guests to keep things reassuringly safe and clean. From a bus shelter through to an Indian beach tent. There is quite some imagination in the way they have been built and decorated. We choose the Indian tent. They are all ornate and full of cute details as well as comfortable seating. When you book you put down a non-refundable deposit. Then during your visit you use that money to get yourself food and drink from the cafe.

Children and dogs are welcome and there is lots of fun to be had. As well as the various huts and tents there is a beautiful garden to enjoy and a book hut where you can pick up some second hand bargains. Bam Bam really enjoyed the new environment and looking at the pond and the plants. She loves trees so this place, with all its little nooks and hidey holes, was perfect for her.

The menu is all vegetarian, with lots of vegan and gluten free options available. We tried the plant burger and some of the cakes and puddings. Everything is robustly homemade, but tasty with it. They were so busy that choice of cake was limited when we visited so make sure you get in early!

It’s a really lovely place to spend a couple of hours. Highly recommend to support this ethical and volunteer run venture!

The Green Place Sileby did not know I was writing this post and we paid for everything in full


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