#LeicesterLockdown: The Food Edition

I have decided I need to get used to blogging with a little more brevity than I’m used to, what with an 8 week old in tow who does not want me to do anything except carry her around 24/7! And there couldn’t be a better time. First we had lockdown, and now we have Leicester lockdown! But instead of being all upset about it, I’ve decided to focus on what the rest of you are missing out on while we’re here under the great glass dome inside The Big Red Line.

This evening, I enjoyed two lovely Leicester delights. First off I got my care package from The Two Tailed Lion yesterday. They are the lovely pub where in better times I would call the weekly pub quiz, so it has been nice to be able to buy some beers remotely from them from the first time. I got a box set of the new beers from our very own Framework Brewery – inspired by the lockdown and even more pertinent now!

Tonight we tried the summer ale, We’ll Meet Again, which was lovely and malty – full of toffee and caramel notes and just enough body to carry the whole thing along. It benefitted from a light chill and was lovely and refreshing when matched with our Wild Beaver Pie.

Yes, Beaver in a pie, only from Brockleby’s Pies, another local producer. They go on weekly deliveries around local counties for lockdown and the Beaver is of coursed named for the Vale of Belvoir as they are based in Melton Mowbray, the home of pies. They are outside of the great second lockdown (for now…) but of course food delivery is still totally permissable so I received my pies yesterday (we have a venison pie for another day).

The steak and ale pie went remarkably well with the ale, you’ll be surprised to know. I particularly enjoy how big the chunks of beef in a Brockleby’s Pie are, but also their buttery pastry is just delicious, and the pies are gorgeous, but still have that handmade feel to them

And there you go. The baby wants more boob and I’ve told you all the key details. Brevity in blogging – the new trend?


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2 thoughts on “#LeicesterLockdown: The Food Edition

  • Oh the simple pleasures. Thanks for the review Laura. Brockleby’s Pies are on my shopping list.

    • Exactly that. Buy them online or you can get the at Pratik’s place – Wigston Fields News & Deli – if you happen to be locked down over that side of town! We have a venison one to go, but they do sweet as well.


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