The Mousetrap

The longest running stage performance in the world. A grizzly murder. Meet the edge of your seat – The Mousetrap has hit the stage of Leicester’s Haymarket Theatre. Agatha Christie’s beautifully written classic murder mystery is on until 14th March, so you just have a few days left to find out who dunnit.

The Mousetrap - Leicester Haymarket Theatre

I’ve heard of the Mousetrap, but I haven’t seen it before. I was quickly absorbed into the twists and turns of this complex crime thriller. Set in Christie’s day, there is the feel of a period drama about the whole thing to my sensibilities. It is all a bit terribly terribly, but somehow that works perfectly with the complex plot of murder and intrigue played out in a historic guest house, isolated from the world by an unexpected blizzard.

The cast were all uniformly fabulous to my eye. I saw nothing but top rate performances. It was interesting particularly as the Major’s part was taken by the understudy who cut a dashing figure. The cleverly written script brings an unexpected number of laughs along with a gorgeously managed tension. It builds almost imperceptibly in the first act, before reaching its climax and the ultimate denouement in the second.

In 65 years of The Mousetrap being performed, I cannot imagine how it could be any better than the show currently staged at the Haymarket. I was surprised I thoroughly enjoyed it. This even though I usually cannot abide the jolly hockey sticks and plummy accents of something so awfully British. A great play to see if you want to experience a really slick stage performance and a gripping story.

Thank you to the Haymarket who gifted me tickets for the purpose of review. This is my honest opinion based on my experience.


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