Light Up Leicester

We’ve got a brand new festival in the city of festivals! Light up Leicester has arrived today with a trail of free interactive art dotted around the city centre.

I went along to the launch celebration this evening. Over at the LCB Depot we were enjoying playing with a clever installation of long exposure photography where participants get to play with lights to create beautiful trails. It was popular with adults and children alike, and of course I had to have a go too!

There is also some great work on show at the Depot by pupils at St John the Baptist school who learned all about making electronic circuits and then made their own illuminated objects using LEDs. There are some really creative pieces!

Out in the city and there are four international artworks and three new commissions made especially for Leicester. All of these are free for everyone to get up close and personal with – and they are all interactive and hands on.

The Artworks

I was fortunate to meet Deepa Mann-Kler earlier in the week while her piece Shoefiti was being installed on Silver Street. Rows and rows of trainers dangle as if carelessly tossed over the telephone wires. They are as mysterious as the odd urban phenomenon which inspired them.

This evening I saw the huge colossus in Orton Square, Stanza’s Youth Culture. This impressive three metre sculpture is embedded with cameras and screens, allowing the viewer to become a part of the work for people watching from a different angle. It’s impressive on both a micro and macro level. Just a pity that Athena hadn’t bothered to put their lights on this evening – I think they missed a trick there!

I also popped over to Humberstone Gate for the sound and light extravaganza of Wave-Field, by Lateral Office, CS Design and Mitchell Akiyama. These literal all-singing, all-dancing see-saws were causing much mirth when we arrived and I enjoyed learning that the pregnant woman holds the upper hand when it comes to see-saw power plays.

Not to be missed (if you can help it)

Unfortunately, the pregnant woman also has very bad hips and lower back and wasn’t able to walk round to any more of the installations this evening. I cannot wait to see the rest of them so I really hope that I don’t miss out having to bail early today. I am looking forward to being able to walk properly again!

Hopefully this gives you a taste of what’s happening over the next few evenings. Absolutely unmissable stuff, this really is entertaining, high quality and inspiring stuff. Free for all and lots of fun. The artworks are available to enjoy between 5pm and 10pm each day until Sunday.

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