Stonehurst Farm

The nice things about having pals who are photographers is that meeting up is an excellent excuse for getting some photography practice in. Not only is my friend Sammy an awesome photographer, but she is also an incredible wedding photographer, so you should check her out if you are getting hitched soon. Anywho, having missed out on a little catch up over Christmas, today we headed to Stonehurst Farm for the first time to see what was what.

Based in Mountsorrel, Stonehurst Farm is a fun farm park, with motor museum, tea room and farm shop. It is also the home of John’s House, Leicestershire’s only Michelin starred restaurant. Although I didn’t get to visit them on this occasion, I have written about a delicious lunch there in the past.

Down on the Farm

We were VERY excited to be at the farm. There are plenty of lovely animals to meet and things to do. The piglets and cows were firm favourites of ours, and I enjoyed feeding pellets to the goats who were full of character. As well as a kiddie’s playground there were rope swings and even a tractor ride to enjoy around the farm.

Pony rides are also available, but apparently we are too big. Which is just rude, quite frankly, because we would have got even more excited on a pony ride. But we made do on the tractor which was a surprisingly restful experience.

Someone say cuddles?

Obviously a significant amount of time needed to be spent in cuddle corne. A load of guinea pigs and rabbits who looked like they had better things to do than put up with our shit hung out. We got close up cuddles with a few and with the super friendly farm cat, which was most pleasing.

There is plenty to discover, but I’ll leave you to enjoy some pictures and then head over for yourselves. After all of that excitement we were ready for a sit down and something to eat as you can imagine. Unfortunately by that point the heavens had opened. So we retired to The Waterside, but not for the particularly waterside view I had been hoping for.

A warm open fire welcomed us. A pot of tea and delicious chicken in a mushroom and red wine gravy soon warmed us up after an exciting morning. And very good value it was too at 2 for £14 on the lunch menu.

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