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You may remember that in September there was a terrible ‘poll‘ in a well respected local newspaper asking punters to vote for their favourite pub in the city. Now there was outcry on Twitter because basically no good pubs were included (essentially because entrants into the poll were selected by asking people on said newspaper’s Facebook page which pub they liked – clearly no beer drinkers on there….)

So, in the spirit of providing a public service, I immediately posted an alternative poll which contained 56 different pubs – all that I could think of within the city limits, but possibly not exhaustive – and it has been open for voting ever since.

CAMRA in the Two Tailed Lion Leicester

The Extreme Housewifery Survey

I will confess that there were a couple of issues because the Poll plugin I chose to run the poll turned out to be RUBBISH. And I will never use it again. Honorable mention goes to Josh at West End Brewery for pointing out that his own pub had received some dubious voting patterns. As I couldn’t simply amend the poll for the naughty fake votes (whoever did that, hang your head in shame) I had no option to take the West End off altogether (you see what happens when you do a dirty cheat?) so I would like to award the West End Brewery an honorary top 5 finish, as with the amount of legitimate votes they had, they were certainly well up there.

And so, the moment you have all been waiting for. The top 20 best pubs in Leicester (according to you, dear reader) are:

Best Pub in Leicester

  1. Two Tailed Lion
  2. The Black Horse, Aylestone
  3. The Blue Boar
  4. Real Ale Classroom
  5. (West End Brewery – honorific)
  6. Soar Point
  7. Queen of Bradgate
  8. Duffy’s
  9. The Ale Wagon
  10. The Kings Head
  11. The Queen’s Road Tap
  12. The Tree
  13. Knight & Garter
  14. The Parcel Yard
  15. The Globe
  16. Bowling Green
  17. Firebug
  18. The Salmon
  19. The Western
  20. Rutland & Derby

So there you have it – the definitive list for 2019. Well done to the Two Tailed Lion and everyone who made it on the list. If a pub name is highlighted, it means that I have written a blog post about it at some point in the last 11 years, so click on to find out more.

Same again next year?


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One thought on “Best Pub in Leicester 2019

  • What a great list of independent businesses. Well done Alice & Matt at the Two-Tailed Lion.


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