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I was approached by Julie May to review their new lingerie collections when I was pregnant. I was really excited about the idea of a comfortable but attractive collection for postpartum women. They have some beautiful designs, many of which include nursing bras in the range. Sadly, things did not turn out the way I wanted – but I still have a postpartum body.

I decided to go ahead with the review because I think mothers of stillborn babies, perhaps more than anyone, need a little confidence boost. It’s hard to feel anything (or stop yourself from feeling everything) after a stillbirth, so feeling sexy is pretty far down the list. But nothing gives your confidence a boost more than some nice new pants, right?

postpartum balconette bra
Balconette Bra

Postpartum Lingerie

Julie May lingerie is certainly designed with comfort and style in mind. I opted for the racy little Leopard collection. Hear me roar.

Julie May postpartum lingerie

The cotton and silk cami slip shaping dress is made with a padded, silk lined bra and stretchy, slightly sheer cotton body. It certainly holds everything in place and is therefore great to keep your adorable little jelly belly in check. This is also true of the wired cups which give great shape. I found the sizes run a little small, despite an intense measuring session before ordering, so do bear that in mind. Plus as new mums, our bodies change shape on an almost daily basis, don’t they?

I’m not a huge fan of the black zig zag stitch used across the Leopard collection on the seams, but it’s not so visible when you are actually wearing the garments. Other than that though, it is all of a very good quality. Not just the fabrics, but the finishings are very good. I particularly liked the branded straps, which are relatively thick but very soft edged and extremely comfortable on both the cami and the bra.

The Leopard Collection by Julie May

Again, the longline balconette Leopard bra was just a little tighter than anticipated. I think that this is because I still have quite a high up podge thanks to the excess skin from carrying an 11lb 3oz baby… But even so it was still very comfortable to wear. All of the edges and seams are soft and gentle against the skin. The wired and padded cups provide that classic balconette shape, which is definitely my favourite. I found this was the item that gave me the biggest confidence boost – it holds you in place but without feeling like shapewear! And it has the same comfortable straps as the cami, another tick.

Postpartum briefs review

Finally, the cotton and silk briefs were a lovely fit, but the top seam was a little too close to my c-section scar for comfort at the moment – and I thought I’d spare you the picture of me trying them on over my massive c-section pants. See how I put you first? These are very pretty briefs, with the lace fitting nice and flat around your curves. They are soft and again the elastic in the waistband is relatively heavy duty, but without any coarse edges making them comfortable. I do like the leopard spot design – it’s small enough to be subtle from a distant but has a bit of a fun side to it.

Stitching detail on briefs
Brief details

In brief (!)

I think the Leopard collection and the other postpartum ranges that Julie May offers are really great. We all could do with a little confidence boost and having comfortable underwear that works with your new baby-momma body is a great start for that. I really, really like the fact that the range is stylish as well as practical – as someone who has been forced to wear giant c-section pants for three months I’m definitely a little jaded with sheer practicality. And I have to thank Julie May for encouraging me to step way out of my comfort zone to even consider this post!

And now you know a lot more about my underwear. So I’m sure your day is better for it.

This is a sponsored post, however my opinions are an honest reflection on my views of the product.


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