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It is our little boy’s funeral next week. If you want to read about Pixie’s story you can find out about his stillbirth and my reflections on the experience in previous posts. Pixie will be cremated so that we can bring his ashes home for the time being, until we are able to make a decision about what to do next.

Pixie will have a small hospital service with one or two other families. We are already looking like having the maximum number of guests we are allowed at the service. I have asked people not to bring flowers. Instead, I would like people to spend the money that they would have spent on flowers on a random act of kindness in the name of The Kindness Pixie.

The Kindness Pixie #TheKindnessPixie
The Kindness Pixie – beautifully illustrated by the wonderful Tea Ra, Princess of Pictures

Random Acts of Kindness

The Boy and I would like small acts of selfless goodwill to be performed for strangers, in the name of our son. It is our hope that The Kindness Pixie will create a little ripple of happiness in the world. It will give Pixie the chance to make other people happy and create a wave of love and selflessness, if just for a moment. We really like the idea that the memory of our son could just make the world a better place even just for a second.

That sounds better than flowers to me. Plus I can’t bear to put any more dying bouquets in the compost. If you’re stuck for ideas, then how about these. There are plenty of things that cost very little, or even nothing:

  • Visit an independent coffee shop and pre-pay a coffee for the next person to come in.
  • Buy a copy of your favourite book and leave it for someone to find as a gift.
  • Donate some warm clothes or toiletries to a charity like the The Bridge, Homelessness to Hope.
  • Pick up some litter in your neighbourhood.
  • Visit someone who perhaps is feeling lonely.
  • Leave your change in the vending machine for someone else to find.
  • Pass on your unused day ticket for public transport (I’ll probably get in trouble for suggesting that one).
  • Write a positive review for a small business that needs your support (EVERY small business)
  • Pass your trolley to someone in the car park, still with the pound in!
  • Leave the staff in an independent restaurant a great tip and write #TheKindnessPixie on the bill.
  • Find something nice to say to compliment the next three people you talk to.

There are even more ideas on the Random Acts of Kindness website.


Whatever you do, let us know in the comments below (anonymous if you prefer!) so that The Boy and I have a little reason to smile in these dark times. If you’d like to tell the world, please use #TheKindnessPixie hashtag to share the love. And if you want to let your kindness ‘victim’ to know about Pixie, you can use the PDF below to print out The Kindness Pixie labels to leave in your book, or at the cafe. That way maybe it will catch on!

Thank you x

The Kindness Pixie


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24 thoughts on “The Kindness Pixie

  • Yesterday I sold some elderflower wine to the pointer people who came to Mabel’s pointer gallop. In the name of the Kindness Pixie I am donating the takings to an appeal by Pointers in Need to rescue Moose, a poor pointer in the most dreadful state. Unable to post a photo here, so I will put on facebook.

  • On my way to town today to see the homeless. Taking sandwiches and dog food for several in town.

  • Fabulous idea, thank you for the inspiration x have been thinking of you since I first read your message about your little one. We need so much more kindness in the world

    • Thank you Louise – I hope Pixie can bring a little love to the world in a different way, since he didn’t get the opportunity to live his potential.

  • Much love to you. I picked up rubbish on the beach this morning before I read this, but I’ll be sure to perform another RAK specifically in Pixie’s name today.

    • Thank you Jax – every little act makes a difference x

  • Thank you for your brave honesty and for reframing this huge loss into love ❤️ You are so special and I will be honouring little Pixie with random acts of kindness in his memory X
    Lots of love beautiful people ❤️❤️❤️

    • Thank you Jackie, I really appreciate you helping to carry Pixie’s memory with us.

  • Touching, sincere and wonderful. I will think of some acts of kindness that I can perform in the name of Pixie. Love from Liz and Matthew and a massive pointer hug from Mabel xx

  • Big hugs to you both. I promise to carry out a few random acts in Pixie’s name to keep the ripples flowing x

  • 24 pairs of socks. 6 boxer shorts. 20 toothbrushes and 100 tampons are on the way to my friend who will distribute to the homeless of Leicester.

  • absolutely heartbreaking :( so sorry you have had to go through this xxx

    • Thank you Ali, my heart is broken – but I hope that we can try to fill the gap with the knowledge that some good has come from Pixie’s life.

  • This is such a lovely idea. I will try to think of a secret kindness. Lots of love to you both xx

    • Thank you Ginny, I hope you make someone smile today x


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