The Curry Show with The Curry Guy!

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One of the great things about Leicester is that we get fun stuff that no one else has. One of those things is the oldest local radio station in the country – BBC Radio Leicester – putting on a two hour weekly curry show. And this week I was invited to be a guest on the show. I am not going to turn down the opportunity to taste some delicious curry, especially when the Guest Chef is the Curry Guy himself, Mr Dan Toombs!

The Curry Guy is someone I remember from Twitter from the dim and distant days when I was just getting in to blogging myself. There were certain names in food blogging that you just knew, and Dan was one of them. Then of course he has gone stratospheric in his popularity and having tasted his food tonight it’s easy to see why!

Prawn curry and black eyed bean curry from The Curry Guy
The Curry Guy’s Prawn & Black Eyed Bean curries

The Curry Show

So the show was hosted by Pratik Master. Pratik is the man behind Lilu, one of Leicester’s most impressive Indian fine dining restaurants, as well as the Wigston Fields News & Deli – a cornershop with a twist in that it offers amazing locally produced food and drink from over 35 small producers. My fellow guests were Antonio & Daniele from Gelato Village.

Gelato Village at BBC Radio Leicester

We also enjoyed the company of Mr Kwoklyn Wan, TV chef, award winning cookbook author and patron of Eastern Heroes Catering during the two hour show. It was a lot of fun to talk all things curry and all things food with such a group of experts. All the time, Dan was cooking up a storm in the tiny kitchen, including introducing most of us to the interesting Kokum fruit for the first time. This mysterious, earthy and gently tangy fruit added a real extra dimension of flavour to the prawn curry that we tasted at the end of the show.

The Curry Show at BBC Radio Leicester

After we tasted the food, it was down to Antonio, Daniele and I to whip up a curry from scratch in just 15 minutes in our foodie challenge. We seemed to manage OK – The Curry Guy was quite complimentary about our efforts, but there is quite a strong possibility that he was being polite.

Pratik Master of Lilu Leicester
How you look after presenting your first radio programme!

We finished off the show enjoying a taste of real Italian gelato. Congratulations to a relieved Pratik who did a great job of hosting his first ever show. And I hope it was as much fun to listen to as it was to make. Hopefully there will be a listen again link that I can add soon…


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