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One of the most fascinating, but daunting, things about being pregnant are the changes that take place to your body. Having always had my fair share of hang ups and difficulties with my appearance, the idea of having a pregnant bump was always quite intimidating to me. Obviously, in this mindset, the thought of a maternity photoshoot couldn’t have been more abhorrent.

I’ve always found it kind of fascinating that you simply don’t know how your little pregnancy bump will develop. Like every aspect of pregnancy, it is totally unique to you and your baby. Bumps come in a vast array of shapes and sizes – all of them beautiful and a little bit magical. And for most people, irresistibly pokeworthy. Having my own I do now appreciate the benefits of giving a pregnant belly a good old jab.

In reality, it has been a lot better than I anticipated! I know that objectively I’m huge, but I don’t really feel it. And somehow, my brain is just kind of OK with my belly getting bigger and bigger. Must be the hormones, they’re to blame for everything else…

IsoElegant: The Photoshoot

Laura Hadland and Sammy from IsoElegant

Not being able to put my shoes on or take them off easily is a bit frustrating, but it’s not the end of the world. Anyway, with all this in mind, when my talented friend, Isoelegant Photography, was looking for models to help her test an amazing Hollywood lighting set up, I was (relatively) happy to volunteer.

Of course, it gave me the opportunity to have a little play with the fantastic set up myself, so I managed to capture a little snap of Sammy myself.

Sammy IsoElegant

It was a fun day, but a strange experience for me. Yes, being in front of the camera is definitely out of my comfort zone. No, it’s not something I’m likely to do again! However, I’m glad I’ve got this unique little record of how the Bump was looking at about 24 weeks.

Tell me what you think!

If you have need of an awesome photographer, then look Sammy up. She specialises in weddings – especially vintage or quirky weddings – but I’ve seen her take awesome event photos, great product photography and as we can see here, maternity shoots are a piece of cake for her too!

Would you consider a professional maternity photoshoot? And would you go Hollywood Glamour, or something else?


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