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I was introduced to a new app called Too Good To Go by a friend recently. Thanks Becky! I managed to give it a spin a couple of weeks ago.

Essentially, it is aimed at minimising food waste by connecting willing customers to stores and restaurants who have surplus food. It’s really as simple as that. You sign up and in descending order by distance you will discover who has surplus food to sell near you. The developers have been in the news recently having raised an additional 6m Euros to bring the concept to more countries.

Food Village at DMU

The Too Good To Go App in Leicester

At the moment there aren’t many participants in Leicester, sadly. There seem to be a far higher number in Nottingham. Hopefully as word spreads more will sign up. When you choose a venue, it will tell you how many surplus meals they have, how much they cost and when they are available. For available, Yo Sushi seem to have excess food most days, and the window for collection is 9.30pm to 10pm – just before they close for the day.

Reducing Food Waste

I snagged a ‘magic bag’ from the DMU Food Village for £2. They often have two collection times a day, after lunch and after dinner. I had no idea what to expect as their canteen serves different dishes each day.

chicken mole at DMU Food Village

I arrived at the allotted time. There were a lot of servings still available with a choice of three different dishes. The chicken mole to takeaway took my fancy. This was served with dirty rice and the choice of beans or corn on the cob.

I had paid through the app the night before when I ordered, using Paypal. So all I had to do was show the receipt at the counter and I was served straightaway. The staff were all well briefed on the app, which was actually a bit of a relief!

Takeaway container of food

If you wanted to reduce wastage even further you could certainly take your own reusable container. Bring your own takeaway. As it was the first time I’d tried the app I wasn’t really fully prepared. But I think I would bring my own container next time.

They certainly packed it full too! That evening, the rice, mole and beans did two bowls-full for the Boy and I. And very tasty it was too – much better than the food I remember from my uni days!!

Too Good?

So I would definitely use this app again, and I hope it grows and grows. It’s a great way to make sure food doesn’t go to waste. And it means I get tasty noms at a pocket pleasing price. I particularly like that it’s all a bit pot luck. All a bit Forrest Gump. But I guess that will put other people off. I don’t think there is any guarantee that dietary requirements could be met. After all, the whole point is to finish off whatever is left over.

Chicken mole and rice


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