Wild & Game Grouse and Pheasant Pie

After trying the Wild & Game selection of game pates recently, I was delighted to receive their Grouse and Pheasant pie to sample as a pre-Christmas treat.

Grouse and Pheasant Pie

Pies are a big deal here in Leicestershire. Many are in mourning – this is the last Christmas Eve where Leicester residents can pop along to Walker & Sons. It is a tradition to pick up the pork pies for Christmas morning breakfast. Many generations have done the same thing, but now the iconic business will be closing in early 2019. So perhaps we need to find a new tradition?

I love a game pie – for me there is something about them which just speaks of autumn and winter. Cosy, warming dinners by the fire and crisp walks in the countryside. This particular new product from Wild & Game is actually well suited to a lunch time treat. Perhaps you could even pack a New Year picnic.

The Grouse & Pheasant Pie has layers of grouse fillet, pheasant fillet, grouse pate, and even a little bacon to keep the moisture and fat content nice and high. This is all surrounded by a layer of jelly and a good, thick but crispy shortcrust pastry. I was impressed by the overall robustness of this pie – well filled and plenty of pastry. Perfect when you’re on the move. And absolutely loads of filling which makes it really satisfying to eat. The pate helps to keep the game birds moist, and overall you can taste all of the different components.

The Wild & Game range is available to buy online in their shop. Standard and next day delivery options on offer. So you might *just* be able to squeeze an order in ready for New Year’s Day!


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