Wild and Game Pate

I’m a big fan of all things wild and game. In a meat way, obviously. I like the heavy, bold flavours and the textures of the meats. I also like that there is still a generally accepted culture of enjoying game in the UK which is locally sourced, sustainably managed and enjoyed seasonally because the game season still fits in with the agricultural calendar.

Wild & Game very kindly sent me over two of their game pates to sample and I was interested to see what the flavours were like. You can’t argue with the serving suggestion on the neat packaging – serve on toast or crusty bread… Can one do anything else with pate?

wild and game pate pheasant pistachio and port pate
Wild and Game pate

Wild and Game Pate

I tested mine out on bagels over a couple of days of late breakfasts. The pheasant, pistachio and port was definitely my favourite. The flavour of the meat was clear and strong, with the pistachio adding a nice texture (although not a huge amount of flavour) and the port bringing a light balancing sweetness to the experience.

The grouse, brandy and herb pate was less successful in my view. While it was undeniably a tasty pate, I was hard pressed to identify any of the flavours highlighted in the name – I could easily have mistaken it for any generic poulty pate. That said, both of the pates had an excellent smooth texture with no graininess (and the textural addition of pistachios was very nice in the pheasant offering).

game pate bagel

Wild & Game offer a variety of game based products and these pates are a little bit of a departure from their usual range of meats, pasties and the like. I thought they both had a good feel of quality to them and enjoyable flavours but I will definitely be seeking out just the pheasant, pistachio and port in the future.

Thanks to Wild & Game for sending me the pate to try.


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