Community Spirit

You all know that I go on endlessly about how much I love Leicester. I was struck by the wave of comments I received after my analysis of beer festivals concluded that most of us just want a nice social experience. And once again this week, I’ve had an experience that brought together the two elements.

bottle of tiny rebel dutty gin at the Two Tailed Lion Leicester

With a little help from my friends

Social media alerted me to the fact that the Two Tailed Lion had a singular bottle of Tiny Rebel Dutty gin in stock. It is one of three special gins the brewery have released and certainly the most interesting sounding of the bunch. Although I wanted to try it it fell a little out of my price range as a ‘just out of interest’ thing. Step in The Internet! As a few of us felt the same way, we managed to arrange a group of guests via Facebook who all agreed to come down to the pub at the same time, split the cost of the bottle and taste the gin together – talk about community spirit! Big thanks in particular to Jamie Stenson who co-ordinated us, as he does with so many things in this city!

Close up on a bottle of Tiny Rebel Dutty gin


So the alloted day as decided via the hallowed Doodle came and we all traipsed in to the Two Tailed Lion. Tonics were bought as required and pots of ice, lemon and lime were placed on the table for us. Thanks to Matt and Alice for looking after us!


Tiny Rebel Dutty gin


Tiny Rebel Dutty gin


On to the gin and it has an interesting nose with notes of mint, lemon and anise coming through. The point is that the gin has been heavily hopped – which you can definitely see in the yellowy colour. I would never say it looks a bit like a slightly unhealthy wee. Nope. The citra hops really come through in the flavour which is predominated by lime flavours, but I can’t say that I was able to detect much from the mosaic hops.

a glass of Tiny Rebel Dutty gin with tonic and slices of lemon and lime

Enjoying a gin with friends in Leicester

The flavour was quite nicely rounded and when added to tonic was very refreshing. However it was a bit one dimensional compared to the many other gins out on the market. I found that notes of liquorice root came out a bit further through as I was drinking it, Citrus fans will like it, serial gin conoisseurs probably won’t. I’m glad I tried it, but I don’t think I would buy it again. However, we had a splendid time enjoying the bottle with friends!

A group of friends toast with gin and tonics

Enjoying a glass of Tiny Rebel Dutty gin


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4 thoughts on “Community Spirit

  • Hey there! Fellow Leicester lover here! I grew up near Filbert street and then to Scaptoft on the outskirts. Anyway really liked the blog and just wanted to say thanks for taking the time to write it, I also love gin and have added “tiny rebel gin” to my list of must-try for 2019

    • That’s great – thanks for commenting! I’m really pleased you like the blog. Take a look at my post on North42 gin too if you like local gins!

      • Laura, thanks for the re[ply 🙂 OH! Great I’ll have to check it out never heard of north42 before. Keep up the fantastic writing. Both your writing style and accompanying images are great. I love hearing about my two favorite topics; gin and Leicester! X

        • Thank you, that’s really kind and does mean a lot! Do share the blog around if you know others that might like it!


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