Welcome to the Two-Tailed Lion

It’s been a good month for new pub openings in Leicester and Leicestershire. The Castle Inn on Castle Street, Mill Hill Cask & Coffee in Enderby and, the only one that I’ve managed to get out to so far (twice) – The Two-Tailed Lion on Leicester’s Millstone Lane.

Many of you will remember Matt & Alice who ran the St Martin’s Square pop-up The Tap in the Square in the run up to Christmas last year. They have now left Brewklopedia and have joined forces with Framework Brewery to bring us the Two-Tailed Lion.

Located in the former Case shop (rest it’s soul – note, the Case Champagne Bar & Restaurant is still very much open), the historic building very much retains its light and airy charm. 

Set over a couple of floors, there are screens featuring current menus (and also showing the World Cup at present) with plenty of room for a quiet drink in private, tasting events and more, which will surely be a prominent feature at the Two-Tailed Lion, given Matt and Alice’s certified expertise in beer.

Blimey, that one looks good!

The Great, the Good and Kieran from The Blue Boar came along to The Two-Tailed Lion for both its opening night, and early in the next week (as we’d kindly been invited along to enjoy our first tipple on the house- thanks guys). The new pub has a wide selection of beers on offer – two fridges bulging with various cans and bottles,  a good range of keg beers and three cask ales on at any one time. There is also a selection of natural and organic wines on offer as well as a select but high quality range of spirits – I’ve not had chance to work my way through that little lot yet!

I started off with the Tiny Rebel Milkshake IPA and you can see from the photo why it has that name! It settled into a lovely and refreshing pint in this beautiful hot weather. The combination of creamy and tropical perhaps doesn’t sound that appealing (unless you like pina coladas and dancing in the rain) but actually it was fresh and refreshing. It wasn’t just us who enjoyed this cheeky pint – this was the first cask to be finished in the new venue!


On my second visit, I opted for a 2/3 of the Mad Hatter Easy Imbiber East Coast Pale on keg. This was bursting with fruit and delicious hoppiness from the Cascade dry hopping. As you would expect, all the beers were served in immaculate condition.


There are always lots of Framework Brewery options to choose from too for those with local tastes, as the pub is part of their ever expanding empire. I’m looking forward to seeing how this beautiful building and delightful team grow and mature in their new venture. Cheers!


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