The Duffy’s Session

I wrote a little while ago about Duffy’s Bar and it’s greatness as a live music venue, but strictly speaking I was talking about gigs in the back. What I didn’t really tell you about was the Duffy’s Session.

We’ve ended up there, mainly by accident admittedly, on a couple of occasions now, but I have to confess the session this week was an unbridled joy to attend.

The Duffy’s Orchestra are a marvellous group of musicians, drinking Guinness and playing a wide range of Irish traditional songs. If like me, you weren’t fortunate enough to be born Irish, you probably won’t know them all, but there will be plenty that you can sing along to. And trust me, you will sing along. And probably dance a bit.

All players are welcome, although of course the house orchestra leads. But regardless of whether you are a maestro on the Irish harp, or completely tone deaf, I avidly encourage you to pop along to experience this spectacle for yourself. If you want to know the meaning of a community, this is truly it, one where all is welcome. There is a smile on every face and the craic is so very, very real. 

I’m probably spilling one of the best kept secrets in Leicester here, but I can’t help myself, I have to share. Duffy’s Bar is a great place to hang out. The Duffy’s Orchestra are a great group of people. Join them on the second Wednesday of the month, or the last Friday of the month. Kick off is at 9pm.



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