Podcast Review: Spilled Milk

It’s that time again, when I hand the blog over to the talented Ginny Copley, for her to give you the lowdown on another fabulous podcast. This time we’re looking at Spilled Milk, a fabulous podcast based all around food – my favourite!

Still a bit lost when it comes to podcasts? Read Ginny’s guide to listening in first. Take it away Ginny!

What is it?
A podcast about food – one type of food per episode- and the silly, funny conversation between two food lovers that it inspires.
‘Starts with a food-related topic which the hosts take and run with as far as they can go – and, regrettably, sometimes further.’

Where to start? Toast, ice cream? Parsnips? Mexican junk food? There are hundreds of episode to choose from, all of which focus on a specific food and the entertaining observations, memories, and opinions that it evokes. Somewhere mixed up in all that you will also learn a bit more about the food under examination. Most episodes also include some tasting, like Gas Station Candy (Episode 275) where the hosts Molly and Matthew buy a bunch of chocolate bars to eat, judge and compare. If you are British you probably won’t have come across a ‘Big Hunk’ bar and once you’ve listened to this you’ll be glad you haven’t!

And if like that one…. Then there is an extensive menu of other episodes to choose from (yes, I’m going to keep going with the food puns guys, sorry). These shows are like the sorbet of podcasts – a palette cleanser after consuming something more heavy – light, refreshing and witty; easy to add to your current podcast diet of ear deliciousness.
Also, I do like to stop in life for a while to consider a thing in a bit more detail and sometimes that thing is Mandarin Oranges (Episode 264) or Cauliflower (Episode 217) and oh my word – Americans really do know a lot about Root Beer! (Episode 270)

In a nutshell… Food, chatter, puns, eating, straying from the topic…….. and coming back to it again. Similar to eating lunch with some over-enthusiastic, loud, playful and hilarious friends – you don’t want to eat every meal with them, but when you do it is a lot of fun.

Don’t listen if… See above – if bubbly and frothy isn’t your cup of tea, this isn’t for you. Also it is seasoned with a little swearing.

Extra advice– Many American Podcasts start with a pre-amble to promote the show’s sponsor or advertise a product. It can occasionally be confusing as the hosts themselves often voice the advertisement and it can sound like it is the episode. Just give it a couple of minutes and the show itself will start.


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