Podcast Review: Soul Music

We’re back with the ever-lovely Ginny Copley for another guest podcast review. If you have no idea what this is, why this is or what the goodness gracious a podcast even is, then check back to our first guest post with Ginny’s explanation of what podcasts are and how you can listen in!

Take it away Ginny!

Soul Music
What is it? Music can give us goose bumps, make us smile, cry and evoke memories. A single piece of music can be part of many different people’s stories. This podcast explore those stories and emotions.
‘Music with a powerful emotional impact’
Where to start? Something inside so strong (Series 18) is a song that has been taken up by many oppressed groups around the world. This episode tells its story and speaks to people for whom it is deeply meaningful and gives them a sense of hope and dignity. Labi Siffre the song’s writer talks about how he came to write it, the song’s link to Apartheid in South Africa and the discrimination he had experienced growing up as a gay man. I challenge you to listen to this episode and not get a lump in your throat!

And if like that one…. The great thing about this podcast is that there have been many episodes and they include lots of different genres. You can listen to the story of a piece of pop music, classical music or a song from a musical. So pick a song you know and love to learn more about it or pick one you’ve never heard before and 30 minutes later, you’ll be something of an expert. I enjoyed Fairytale of New York (Series 21) and the stories of pride and rebellion connected to The Star-Spangled Banner (Series 23). And there are still so many more to enjoy.
In a nutshell… Music, history, stories, spine tingling songs, humanity
Don’t listen if… Music leaves you cold. Or if you are listening while travelling on public transport and don’t want to start blubbing.
Where to listen? BBC, Stitcher, iTunes


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