Podcast Review: A Piece of Work

We’re back with another Ginny Copley special. Her latest podcast review is for A Piece of Work. If you have no idea what is going on, why Ginny is writing these, or what podcasts even are, then check back to our first post in there series by clicking here! Take it away Ginny!

A Piece of Work
What is it?
It’s like having a funny, enthusiastic friend take you on a tour of the amazing art at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)
‘Everything you want to know about modern art but were afraid the ask’

Where to start?
Abbi Jacobson hosts this podcast and she LOVES art, particularly the art at MoMA. But she doesn’t always ‘get’ it. She shares her love and curiosity as she visits different pieces of art and discusses what she sees with other people – gallery visitors, experts, friends and comedians. Episode 1 is a good place to start. You get to know Abbi and explore whether art has to be beautiful – or can art just be everyday stuff? She looks at a bicycle wheel and a furry teacup in the gallery; the sort of sculptures that make some people feel angry and others dismissive. Is it art? Can anything be art? Maybe they are funny? Maybe erotic? Who gets to decide? Well, you do, dear listener.
And if you like that one…. Then just jump in, there are 10 episodes and each looks at a different type of art. If you find Pollocks perplexing or minimalism mystifying there is an episode for you. If you already know lots about contemporary art there is still information and insight here that you’ll find interesting and enjoyable, and if you are just starting out with modern art, then this is a great way in.
I loved episode 4, about artwork that is made of light, where Abbi and her friend Samantha basically get high on art. It made me want to go straight to the airport, fly to New York and lie down in a room to look at the light. Oh man, look at the light.

In a nutshell… This is for you if you: a) Love art already b) Like some art and want to learn more
c) Sometimes look at art and think Huh? WTF! Is this even art?
Don’t listen if… You really don’t like modern art, New York people or a little bit of swearing.
(The swearing isn’t excessive or gratuitous – it’s of the enthusiastic and expressive variety!)
Where to listen? Wnyc.org, Stitcher


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