Podcast Review: Pop Culture Happy Hour

I’m handing back over to Ginny Copley for another podcast review. If you’re not sure what podcasts are all about, read Ginny’s guide to how, what, why and when to listen here. Over to you Ginny!

Pop Culture Happy Hour
What is it? A lively, funny, smart and always interesting chat about films, TV and modern culture.
‘Aspiring to be both a friend to the geek and a translator to the confused’
Where to start? This is a weekly Podcast, so it’s always topical.Three guests and host, Linda Holmes, chat each week about what is on offer for you in the wonderful world of pop culture. They’ll inspire you to go and see great movies or stay in and binge on delicious TV shows. You’ll hear about the other stuff too – they’ve had to endure watching it, so we don’t have to. At the end of the review and discussion part of the show, they give us a quick taste of other things that are making them happy this week, which can be anything – a book, piece of music, art. It’s tricky to pick an episode to recommend, as you should probably just go for this week’s one – they’ll be reviewing whatever is current. But, at a push, I’ll pick ‘Master of None And Snatched’, as this episode made me want to give Master of None Season 2 a watch. A nd I was glad I did.
And if you like that one…. Any year, around April you can listen to ‘Our Great Big Summer Movie Preview’. The panel talks about the upcoming summer blockbusters and makes reckless predictions about which one will do the best at the box office. They tell us what they are most looking forward to and which ones they are most scared will bomb. It’s a great format for hearing about which movies you’ll be able to see in the summer months and to place your own bets on this year’s winners and losers.
In a nutshell… What is going to make you happy this week? Pop Culture Happy Hour of course.
Don’t listen if… You really don’t care about films and TV shows
Where to listen? Npr.org, Stitcher


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