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I have been fortunate enough to get to know the lovely folk at Incredible Pies of Melton Mowbray over the last few months. Despite their Melton pedigree, they actually make sweet pies – all conceived one Christmas time when they spotted a gap in the market for a hand crafted mince pie with beautiful pastry that is filled right to the top.

Of course, there is not a mince pie to be seen just yet, but instead we were treated to their strawberry pies with a crumble topping and cherry pie. I adore anything cherry and I was really pleased to see that this pie was made with sour cherries so it was full of fruit flavour without being overly sweet. The pastry was also just the right thickness – firm and crisp enough to hold all of the filling, which went alllll the way to the top – but not so thick that it was unpleasant to eat. Well balanced and scrumptious, with one pie definitely being an extremely satisfying size.

Very good with a glass of blackberry wine from Rothley Wines!

The strawberry crumble pie is made with Camarosa strawberries and again is absolutely packed to the rafters with fruit. The crumble topping adds great texture and also more sweetness, so this is a much more straight up sweet experience than the cherry pie which I found more subtle. However, this is not a criticism – sweet pies should be sweet right?

You can catch Incredible Pies at a range of farmer’s markets and food fairs around the country, but in particular they will be bringing their pies to the Leicester Foodie Showcase which is being held at James Cafe Bistro on 30th September and is free to enter! Unmissable.

Also, I hear a rumour that Incredible Pies will soon become a regular feature on the menu at the Black Horse in Aylestone – so yet another reason to go to that awesome pub!

Thanks to Incredible Pies for giving us some of the wares to sample 🙂


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