Is this the most Leicestershire cocktail in Leicestershire?

We’ve already talked a lot about the new Leicester-inspired cocktail menu at 33cankstreet, but it really is the gift that keeps on giving.

I couldn’t resist taking the opportunity to show you the Melton Martinez – the cocktail which contains the full power of the Ploughman’s lunch! No really…

The drink itself is made with Burleigh’s Leicester Dry Gin (which the quick-witted amongst you will remember is rumoured to have been inspired by the spicing of a Leicestershire pork pie), Amontillado sherry, sweet Vermouth, and Maraschino liqueur infused with red onion marmalade. 

It is also garnished with a cocktail onion, a spritz of Maraschino liqueur and comes with Melton Mowbray pork pie and Stilton on the side.

The drink has a real kick to it, it certainly holds true to its Martini roots! 

Plus the onion garnish adds a little something extra… However, it has lovely balance in the flavouring – even for a punchy drink it is layered and complex. And I was surprised to find that it matches excellently with both pie and Stilton!

It’s a double hitter too – so you get an additional iced serve of the cocktail in an accompanying bottle ready for when you’ve finished your first glass. Perfect picnic fodder, when lounging around St Martin’s Square.

I can’t think of anything more Leicestershire that comes in a glass. Except for possibly fox piddle, but I tend not to order that in bars.

What’s your favourite place for Leicester-inspired fodder? 
Have you tried the new 33cankstreet drinks yet?


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